The Board of Directors

Hello from all of us on the ICMTA Board of Directors. Our role is to be responsible for ensuring that the ICMTA is acting in accordance with law, and to take care of the long-term vision for the Association. Our full responsibilities are listed below. Elections take place every year for new board members at the Annual General Assembly Meeting which usually take place as  part of the annual ICMTA summer Teachers' Gathering.

Sue Rickards

Alex Svoboda
Board Member

Andrew Holmes
Board Member

Elena Kuznetsova
Board Member

Idit Rose
Board Member

Mati Vargas-Gibson

Board Member

Michael Kuehn

EL From the General Circle


a. To set and oversee the execution of a strategic plan.

b. To ensure fiscal responsibility. 

c. To maintain long-term viability. To generate new ideas and directions. 

d. To maintain connections with external persons and organisations necessary to the development and functioning of the ICMTA. 

e. To organise and deliver the ICMTA General Assembly annually. 

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