ICMTA is delighted to be offering a brand new peer support service,

facilitated by Deborah Bacon Dilts, Tim Foskett and Bettina Jespersen.

The intention is to offer a safe place where you can go with the issues that you encounter in your teaching practice and be witnessed and supported by a circle of compassionate peers.The process brings energy into motion, gets you curious and gives you different perspectives by seeing what resonated for your colleagues. It is about creating options and not about ready made solutions.

What to expect

There will be a maximum number of eight participants plus one facilitator in a Online Peer Support Online Circle. One person at a time presents his or her issue in words and motion and afterwards is offered the resonances triggered in other participants in words and motion from them for a limited time.

This a FREE service. This is an ICMTA Member Benefit!!

Calls are 2 hours.

March 26th / 6pm - 8pm CET / REGISTER

April 23rd / 6pm - 8pm CET / REGISTER

(Time Zone Converter)

11 May 2020 / 6pm - 8pm CET / REGISTER

(other timezones 5pm London / 9pm Moscow /  11am San Francisco)
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