The General Circle is the 
centre for coordination of ICMTA activities, delivering the ICMTA strategic plan, and ensuring the day-to-day health and fitness of the ICMTA. Our full responsibilities are listed below:

Andrew Holmes
Operational Lead (OL)

Idit Rose
Operational Lead (OL) Event Circle + Facilitator

Michael Keuhn
Operational Lead (OL) Members Circle

Jo Hardy
Operational Lead (OL)
Ethics Circle

Hilde Kloeck
Elected Link (EL)
Events Circle

John Porter
Elected Link (EL)
Ethics Circle

Bodhi Hunt
Finance Guardian

Adam Frost
Elected Link (EL)
Members Circle

Nicola Foster
(ICMTA Office Manager)


a. To provide a central meeting place for elected representatives of working circles.

b. To coordinate the delivery of a range of benefits for members of the ICMTA.

c. To decide the parameters of new initiatives and which circle is responsible for them.

d.To foster effective, cooperative communication between circles within the ICMTA.

e. To make significant policy decisions that affect more than one of its sub-circles or are critical to the overall mission and vision of the ICMTA.

f. To preserve and promote the values of the ICMTA, including Dynamic Governance, within the running of the Association.

g. To engage and oversee the work of the administrator(s) of the Association.

h. To support, guide and inspire all who work for the Association.  

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