We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the international protest against all aspects of racism resulting from the brutalisation and the murder of Black people in particular, along with Indigenous and People of Colour throughout the world.

We recognise the horror of racially motivated violence against Black people in majority white societies and the manifold and unacceptable racial injustices that Black people have to navigate every day.

We recognise that words of support and solidarity must be accompanied by concrete and meaningful action. Those who have privilege have an opportunity to use that privilege to create more equity and inclusion, by challenging racism in themselves, their lives and by dismantling racism in the systems around them.

As an association, the ICMTA has begun to do that through adopting our Diversity Policy (2019), committing our most recent Teacher’s Gathering to the theme of Diversity and Inclusion (April 2021), and creating a Diversity Scholarship Fund to support the training of new teachers from under-represented communities.

These are small but concrete steps. We commit the ICMTA to ongoing work to help remove racism from the conscious movement field and to pursuing racial justice in all that we do.

Black Lives Matter

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