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Alex Svoboda


United Kingdom


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First name
Last name
Home Country
United Kingdom
Countries I teach in
United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Spain, Switzerland, Jordan, Lithuania, Belgium
Classes & Workshops
For a full teaching schedule please visit (English) or (Russian)

Regular classes:

UK - Cambridge - Fridays
UK - London - Saturday - Greenwich


UK - London
UK - Cambridge

Russia - Moscow
Russia - St Petersburg
Russia - Novosibirsk
Russia - Yaroslavl
Russia - Irkutsk
Russia - Perm

Belgium - Antwerp

Greece - Paros, Rhodes

Kazakhstan - Astana

Jordan - Amman

Lithuania - Kaunas, Vilnius


Spain - Malaga

Turkey - Antalya

Ukraine - Kiev

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Languages spoken
English, Russian
Cities I teach in/near
London, Cambridge, Moscow, St Petersburg, Antwerp, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl, Ufa, Perm, Kiev, Antalya, Astana, Dubai, Amman, Malaga, Vilnius, Kaunas
I have completed training with:
  • 5Rhythms®
  • freedomDANCE
  • Open Floor
Modality I Teach:
  • 5Rhythms®
  • freedomDANCE
  • Open Floor
Year completed training
2009 (freedomDANCE), 2011 (5Rhythms), 2016 (Open Floor)

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