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Our Structure & Key Personnel

The ICMTA is run by a series of working circles with the support of our Office Manager, Lina Kriskova.

Each working circle is made up of members of the Association who give their time and energy on a voluntary basis.

The circles are inter-linked to ensure that our work is coordinated, and the Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly of all our members. You can see the structure in the diagram above.

We use dynamic governance (or sociocracy) as our way of working - an innovative system that promotes collective intelligence and responsibility, in place of traditional power structures.
The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the ICMTA is acting in accordance with the law, and takes care of our long-term vision. It sets our strategic plan, approves the annual budget, and represents the Association to the outside world.
The General Circle is the centre for coordination of ICMTA activities, delivering the strategic plan, and ensuring the day-to-day health and fitness of the Association. It oversees the work of our paid staff, and supports and guides all our working members.

The Ethics & Mediation Circle delivers high-quality ethics and conflict resolution procedures and support within the ICMTA. It maintains the Association’s Code of Ethics, delivers the Witnessing & Mediation Service to members in need, and promotes our ethical values to members.

The Events Circle provides opportunities for ICMTA members to meet, support, learn from and inspire one another. It delivers our Teachers’ Gatherings, Peer Support Service, and opportunities for members’ continuous professional development.

The Members Circle expands, retains, and serves the membership of the ICMTA. It develops our membership and marketing policies, publishes regular newsletters, maintains our web presence, and administers the Diversity Scholarship for potential new teachers.

Join A Working Circle
If you’re already a member and you’d like more information about joining one of our circles and getting more involved with the work of the Association, please click here.

While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, we cannot guarantee that everything is up-to-date when you read it. Please check with us, or the ICMTA member concerned, if it is important.

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