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Music & DJing

Dancing with the Healing Force with Christian de Sousa 15th June 2023 by admin

The video recording of our CPD offering from June 2023 with Christian de Sousa - a DJ workshop for conscious dance teachers, facilitators and other musical curators.

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Feet 1st for Mati 22nd February 2022 by Sonja Hellmann

Mati Vargas-Gibson - strong inspiration and force behind the idea of Feet 1st. Let's dance again to Sonja Hellmann's mix weaving Mati's voice...

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Organising Music by Sarah Davies 5th December 2022 by Sarah Davies

I find all the different ways to keep a music library very engrossing and so I want to share something I’m finding valuable: Smart Playlists. An “auto updating playlist based on criteria that you specify”. So, whenever you add tracks to your music collection the smart playlist will automatically update to include them.  Why are they useful? 

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On Music by Michael Molin-Skelton 15th October 2022 by Michael Molin-Skelton

First and foremost, I want to offer a bow of deep thanks to all of the artists whose musical genius continually moves our bodies, hearts and souls. There is a beautiful conversation that happens between the music and the dancer; driven by the beat, lifted with strings, held through the bass line, soothed inside a flute.

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Sounding Good: It's Not Just About the Sound System - It's the Room! 8th October 2021 by Michael Kuehn

Many of us bring their portable sound systems to the various spaces they teach in. If you are one of them, you will probably have noticed that even the most wonderful dance spaces can have difficult acoustics.

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3 Tips for DJ-ing by Sarah Davies 2nd September 2021 by Sarah Davies

I didn’t bother much about DJ skills for many many years. I knew the basics in Traktor:  put one track on one side, another track on the other side, and slide the bar over and it sounded good enough. If it sounded wonky (odd or jarring), I’d hide it by talking over it and remind myself “it’s not about the music”!

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