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Grievance Procedure


1. Notes

ICMTA EMC = ICMTA Ethics and Mediation Circle

ICMTA EWG = ICMTA Ethics Working Group (a sub-group within ICMTA EMC)

ICMTA GHC = ICMTA Grievance Handling Circle

Complainant = Person lodging the Complaint

Complainee = Person who has been complained about

2. Who Will Be Involved In The Grievance Procedure?

All Grievances will be confidentially reviewed by a specially convened pop up circle called ICMTA Grievance Circle consisting of:

  • ICMTA EWG + 1 x ICMTA board member
  • In some circumstances an ICMTA member who is a local representative in the geographic area of the complaint.

In the case of a grievance brought against an ICMTA EWG member or ICMTA Board Member then this person would not be involved in this circle.

3. Who Is Eligible To Use The ICMTA Grievance Procedure?

Please read document ICMTA Ethics Support Criteria.

4. The Grievance Procedure

The Complainant contacts ICMTA EMC with a complaint. ICMTA EMC will speak with them to clarify what they are wanting e.g. support to have a conversation with complainant, mediation with the complainant, to trigger a formal ICMTA Grievance Procedure.

  • If they wish to pursue a formal ICMTA Grievance Procedure, the Complainee will be sent the ICMTA Grievance Procedure and ICMTA Grievance Submission form.

  • In cases where English language may be an issue e.g. Complainant and Complainee living in non-English speaking country, then we recommend an ‘on the ground’ intermediary / translator be chosen between ICMTA EWG and the Complainant.

  • If the Complainee is an ICMTA member teacher, ICMTA EWG will check with the ICMTA Office Manager that the Complainee is a current paid up member of ICMTA.

  • Once the ICMTA Grievance Submission form is received back from the Complainant the ICMTA EMC will notify the Complainant that it has been received and the ICMTA Grievance Submission form will be passed directly without being viewed to ICMTA EWG for confidential handling.

  • ICMTA EWG will read all materials from the Complainant and meet within 6 weeks to discuss appropriate guidance to offer the Complainee to assist them in developing their defence.

  • The ICMTA EWG will then send the defence response guidance to the Complainee.

  • The Complainee must file their defence response within 6 weeks or a decision will be made without these materials . In the case of a complaint against ICMTA the response will come from the circle in which the complaint is focused.

  • The ICMTA GHC will meet within 8 weeks of the date of receipt of complaint to:
        • Review the complaint and defence materials.
        • Decide what actions be implemented by ICMTA.
        • Decide if it is necessary to send a local mediator/investigator to further review the situation at the cost of the two parties involved.
  • Notification of the decision and closure of the case will be written by the ICMTA EWG and mailed to all parties involved within 2 weeks after the final meeting.

While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, we cannot guarantee that everything is up-to-date when you read it. Please check with us, or the ICMTA member concerned, if it is important.

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