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What Moves You? Podcast

What Moves You? is a series of (irregular) podcast episodes of two teachers talking to each other about what inspires them, how they work, and what got them into it in the first place…

Latest Episodes

Sarah Davies is an Open Floor teacher, founding member and trainer for the current EU teacher training. The book I co-authored; “You, Me and the Space Between Us” was published earlier this year. I’m currently studying for a Gestalt Psychotherapy MA at the Gestalt Centre in London.

Cath Burke is a certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer, an Open Floor Movement Practice teacher and a Needs-based coach.

She shares what she understands about NVC in public trainings and in organisations. She also coaches individuals and couples and holds regular immersive residential workshops, which include Open Floor dance sessions to support the embodiment of NVC.

Jo and Christian are dancers, teachers and long standing friends who regularly co-weave multi-layered conversations at a famous local coffee shop in Totnes. This podcast is a slice of a coffee conversation and it got rather long ….

We trust all listeners will dip in and out, take a pause, a breath and a moving moment ....Thank you for listening!

Jo Hardy is a Movement Medicine teacher, mentor and was school faculty 2009 - 2020. She is also a 5Rhythms teacher since 2004 (Waves and Heartbeat Level), an Open Floor Teacher, and a psycho-spiritual somatic psychotherapist and supervisor for 35 years. Her fascination for what truly facilitates lasting change has led her to study many perspectives, philosophies and modalities of transformational work and collective co-creative process. She has taught workshops in many places, with a focus on regular programs in Europe and China.





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Christian de Sousa is an artist, DJ and facilitator, teaching 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine and a weave of Taoist and animist/shamanic approaches to movement and practice. He’s fascinated by the magic of music as an inspirational guiding force for our dances.  For many years he held large dance spaces and a thriving community in London; his focus since the pandemic has simplified and is currently with solo practice and how we can integrate movement into day-to-day living. 


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Deborah Bacon Dilts began teaching the 5Rhythms® in 1998. A native Californian but resident of France for the last 40 years, she has participated in the growth of the personal development field there in her various capacities as an interpreter of teachers and trainers in personal growth and consciousness work, as a trainer herself of relaxation and body therapists, and more recently as a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. Also trained in Open Floor, she feels deeply that dance alone is not enough for deep transformation to occur. She is currently exploring the synergistic combination of sitting meditation and dance. Her involvement in the ICMTA during the past eight years has been a rich source of learning, growth and connection. The golden thread that runs through all of these activities is connection with self, other and the greater field, her passion in this precious life.

Peter Wilberforce
is a certified 5Rhythms teacher. He leads classes and workshops all over France and in Europe.  He incorporates into his work various body and voice practices – the Feldenkrais Method, The Naked Voice work of Chloë Goodchild, Amerta Movement of Suprapto Suryodama and the Alexander Technique.  He offers work exploring the freeing of the voice through the mobilisation of the body.  He is guided by a conviction that optimal embodied learning happens in calm and secure spaces.  His approach asks for a spirit of exploration and encourages welcoming all states of being, as well as inviting a sense of fun and play.

Willemijn de Dreu (5Rhythms & Open Floor The Netherlands) is committed to the dancing path and the freedom it brings for so many. She is known for her fiery yet grounded presence and her gentle way of healing through movement. She effortlessly weaves shamanic threads in her teachings, with a great sensitivity to what is arising in the field.

Alex Mackay
(5Rhythms, UK): "
I live in beautiful West Wales but I'm lucky to also teach internationally. My teaching is spacious and embodied, full of spirit, depth and creativity. I have a lot of energy and love to dance with the group. 

I'm the first teacher after Gabrielle Roth and Jonathan Horan to offer the archetypal workshop 'God, Sex & the Body'."

In this episode, 2 friends who never met: Audrey Boss from the UK & Majero Bouman from Canada...

Audrey is an Open Floor teacher and Food & Eating coach, founder & author of "Beyond Chocolate: the mindful way to a healthy relationship with food and your body". She is based in London, UK. Her classes and workshops offer an embodied approach to body image and are open to all women and non binary people.

Majero is a writer, an embodiment researcher, a mother, an artist, and a life-long dancer. Majero’s life changed course from researching and teaching cultural theory literature and writing to being pregnant with triplets, then twins. A life-long dancer, this new physically and emotionally demanding experience lead her to a diversity of Mindful Embodiment Practices. In 2017, she became a working member of Open Floor International and graduated as an Open Floor teacher in 2019.

Jane Belshaw and Jess Glenny are dancers, teachers and friends based in London, UK, where they met on the dance floor twenty years ago.

Jane is a 5Rhythms and Open Floor teacher. Jess is certified to teach Open Floor but takes an eclectic approach to teaching conscious dance.

In this conversation they talk about their ballet roots, what drew them to conscious dance, and how their conscious dance practice has changed over the years.

You can find out more about Jane’s work at and about Jess’s work at

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