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VIDEO: Why Is It Important For a Conscious Dance Teacher to Be a Part of a Professional Organisation? 19th October 2022 by Lina Kriskova

We asked 6 teachers from 6 ICMTA recognised schools of conscious movement the above question. Watch and listen to their answers.

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Old But Not Over the Hill 18th October 2022 by Lucy French

For some stepping into retirement is a journey that is easy, while for others it’s a trial by fire!   But like any major life journey, there is the possibility of sweetness gently waiting in the wings!

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Dancing With Our Elders 27th September 2022 by Kerry-Ann Stanton

Recently I spoke to a women’s dinner club and as part of that I managed to get everybody up and dancing. This was a surprise to me, and it turns out it was a surprise to everyone present.
So, what happened?

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Dance It All! - 2 Videos From Skopje 13th July 2022 by Lina Kriskova

The first in-person meeting of this Erasmus+ project, in which ICMTA is a partner organisation, took place in June in Skopje, North Macedonia. Here are two short and sweet videos to give you a peek view.

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Outdoor Dancing Silent Disco Style  4th February 2022 by Jup Jansonius

Jup Jansonius, a 5Rhythms teacher from the Netherlands,  offers a short and very practical manual to start teaching with the Silent Disco system.

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Dance It All! 13 October 2021 by Michael Kuehn

In March 2021 ICMTA joined an ERASMUS+ funded project to collect, evaluate and publish emerging new teaching practices in response to the COVID crisis. In particular, the project will investigate practices of teaching online and outdoors.

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As Teachers, Our Relationship to Teaching Online 8 October 2021 by Peter Wilberforce

What is your relationship to teaching online? What are the challenges you have discovered in this approach to our practice?  We posed these three questions to three teachers.

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Voice of a Teacher: What Am I Doing Here? 15 February 2018 by Alex Svoboda

Have you wondered: What do I teach? Do I really teach? Who am I in my role as teacher?

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