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    Dancing with the Healing Force
    a DJ workshop for conscious dance teachers, facilitators and other musical curators
    with Christian de Sousa
    Monday 5th June
    18:00 UK time

    [see other timezones]

    "Music is the Healing Force of the Universe” - Albert Ayler

    Hi everyone,

    I’ll be offering a short, friendly exploration of working with music as conscious dance teachers and DJs.
    What is music and how do we use it as a core resource for holding and activating our dancefloors?

    Obviously it’s a massive topic, so my intention will be on giving you a few accessible points of deeper exploration for your DJ practice.
    I won’t really go into tech; the focus will be on the creative and energetic aspects of DJing.

    All welcome, whatever level of experience and whatever DJ software/hardware you’re using.

    Hope to see you there!


    Some links about Christian and his work:

    Transmission, my ‘deep radio’ offering:

    The Dancefloor Jedi Project, online resources for conscious dancers:



    • 10 Oct 2023
    • 18:00 (CEST)
    • 14 Oct 2023
    • 12:00 (CEST)
    • Espace Rivoire, France
    • 36

    ICMTA Teachers' Gathering 2023

    We are extremely happy that the Teachers' Gathering of 2023 will finally have us in 3D, in presence, in the flesh, outside of the zoom windows for our feet to slide, stomp, jump, evolve together on a real floorboard dance floor!

    More information will come as we prepare, but if you know already that you cannot miss this one (as we do!), you can get your tickets now! (Sooner you register, more you will help us - the organising team :) Thank you!) 

    Hope to see you there on

    10 - 14 October 2023


    Together / To Gather / To Get Here


    We have a beautiful venue in France easily accessible by train, bus or car if you wish to travel by land: Espace Rivoire

    It is a retreat centre in nature, 1 h from Lyon and Geneva (Switzerland).

    Address: 48 En Rivoire, 01430 Vieu d'Izenave

    You can check how to get there on their website (in French), but we will also be sending this info later in English. We will also try to organise some shared transport to make it easier for everyone to get there.

    Accommodation & Meals:

    There is lodging available in rooms, yurts or tipis with 2-5 beds. There might be some single rooms available, but we cannot guarantee that. We will of course try to accommodate your wishes, but sorry, no promise.

    The pricing goes from 63 euros per night (in your own tent) to 108 euros per night (in a single room if available). The meals are included in the price and they are mostly organic, vegetarian, lactose and gluten free.

    Once you register for the event, you will be asked to fill in this document to express your wishes about the accommodation.

    Dates & Schedule:

    Note: This suggested schedule is subject to change.

    Ideally, we ask you to arrive on Tuesday 10th October, have dinner together and start around 9pm with an opening ceremony.

    The programme will then run for three full days Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th, and the morning of Saturday 14th when we will finish just before noon with a closing ceremony.

    We encourage the departures on Saturday 14th after lunch.

    We would like to first invite people who can stay for the whole time. We might open the demands for partial attendance once closer in time to the event, depending on the space available.

    Who is this Gathering for?

    This Gathering is for teachers of conscious movement. All teachers and teachers-in-training of 5Rhythms, Azul Conscious Movement, freedomDANCE, Open Floor, Movement Medicine and Soul Motion are very welcome, whether or not they are curently ICMTA members.

    Teachers of conscious movement of other schools, please get in touch with us if you would like to join!


    Members rate: 195 euros (Early Bird until 30th June 2023: 155 euros)

    Non-Members rate: 295 euros (Early Bird until 30th June 2023: 255 euros)

    ICMTA Working Members rate: 95 euros (Early Bird until 30th June 2023: 75 euros)

    Solidarity Fund

    In accordance with the ICMTA Diversity Policy, we would like to open this space also for those who cannot afford to pay for it. We therefore invite all of you who feel financially able to contribute a sum of your choice to a fund which will then be used to help those who need it.

    Please click here to donate.

    Do You Need Help to Attend?

    If you are on the contrary feeling the strong pull to attend this event but you just cannot afford it right now, please get in touch.

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