ICMTA Diversity Scholarship - Overview

We are now welcoming applications from individuals for financial support - up to 1000 a year, to pay towards the costs (principally for transportation and accommodation) associated with attending training or pre-requisites. People wishing to apply may recently have decided they wish to embark on a teacher training, or may already be part way through - on anywhere along that continuum which can span for a few years.

The ICMTA is making these funds available as a means to expand the sphere of conscious movement and bring our practices to a broader audience.

We have identified the following categories, and are aware this will not be an exhaustive list:
    • Race, ethnicity and culture
    • Gender and gender-identity
    • Sexuality
    • Disability/Different abilities
    • Social class and socio-economic circumstances
    • Geographical location

If you are a student member of the ICMTA, and wish to apply for the scholarship, please email: info@icmta.com, expressing your interest.

And, in order to get this message out to the appropriate people, if you are actively teaching and know anyone amongst the dancers in your classes, for whom applying for the scholarship could be appropriate, please pass this information on to them.

Read the Policy for the scholarship.

Apply for the scholarship.
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