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Learn Dynamic Governance

Embodied Dynamic Governance: Video Recording from a CPD Session 4th May 2023 by admin

On March 1st 2023, Idit Rose & Nathaniel Whitestone led the participants through the main principles of Sociocracy, or Dynamic Governance, and how to find them in our bodies... Excellent workshop!


The ICMTA became an organisational member of the Sociocracy For All  3rd October 2022 by admin

Welcome to this beautiful organisation together with us - all members can use the discounts for their courses, books and other advantages.


What Is Sociocracy? VIDEO  1st October 2022 by admin

This is a 18-minute introduction to sociocracy (aka Dynamic Governance) produced by Sociocracy For All. It covers circles and roles, meetings and consent, feedback and selection processes.


Working With Dynamic Governance - VIDEO 2nd June 2022 by admin

Watch some of our working members talk about their experience with the Dynamic Governance while working for the Association.


Dynamic Governance Members Pack 22nd February 2022 by admin

Dynamic Governance is a way to organise ourselves.It has specific structures and processes. Learn the basics with this pack created for ICMTA members.

***This article is available only to members.


Dynamic Governance Tools Pack 22nd February 2022 by admin

A presentation with some useful tools used in Dynamic Governance, created for ICMTA members.

***This article is available only to members.


The Joys of Being a Working Member 4th March 2021 by Andrew Holmes

One of the things that makes us special as an association is that we’re very largely run by our members.


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