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Climate Policy

We’re in the midst of a climate emergency.

We can see the effects in the fires, floods and droughts that are becoming increasingly common in all parts of the world; and in the hotter summers, harsher storms, and increasingly unpredictable patterns of our weather.
We humans have brought this about, and we will need to change as both individuals and communities if we are to avoid the mass extinction of much of the rich diversity of plants, animals and landscape that we are privileged to live amongst.
The scale of the challenge can appear daunting; but the need for action is now.

As teachers of conscious movement we have skills and resources we can bring to the task.
We can include what’s happening in our consciousness, and support our students to hold it in their awareness too.
We know and can teach how to move and change in response to what’s happening around us.
We have an awareness we can share that we exist as part of a wider, connected whole.
And in the way we honour our own bodies we model how we might all honour the body of the earth itself.

The ICMTA is ready to play its part in responding to the climate emergency. With this policy we seek to bring more awareness of our impact in this area to the decisions we make as an Association; and to support and inspire our members to do more of whatever feels appropriate to them to address the situation.

As An Association

We ask every working circle to consider the potential impacts on the climate whenever we make decisions.
We ask the Events and General Circles and the Board to consciously reflect on our carbon footprint when planning the location and frequency of Teacher Gatherings and Strategy Meetings.
Whenever we do hold events in person, we will run them as sustainably as possible, with a deliberate intention to minimise the use of energy and resources.
We will use a web host that is powered by renewable energy.
We will pay for the planting of trees to offset our annual carbon consumption, and make it easy for members who attend our Gatherings and Strategy Meetings to do so too.
The General Circle will review each year how well we are implementing these commitments, and will make an annual report to the General Assembly.
We will review this policy at least every two years to see whether it needs to be amended or enlarged.

With Our Members

We will look for ways to resource our members who want to engage with the apparent enormity of the task at hand, so they feel empowered to work with it as an ongoing process.
We will continue to share information with members on the carbon consumption of teaching and how we can offset it; and examples of good practice to inspire members to actively reduce their climate impact.
We will create opportunities for members to meet and discuss these questions, and support each other to make changes in their practice.
We will explore and share how as teachers we might bring awareness of these issues and the feelings they generate, together with the resources we need to address them, directly into the content of what we teach on our dancefloors.
We will share the fruits of these discussions and researches with the wider conscious movement community.

(As consented in January 2021 & updated in January 2024)

While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, we cannot guarantee that everything is up-to-date when you read it. Please check with us, or the ICMTA member concerned, if it is important.

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