Deborah Bacon Dilts

France, USA


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First name
Last name
Bacon Dilts
Movement Modality
  • 5Rhythms
  • Open Floor
Home Country
France, USA
Languages spoken
French, English
Countries I teach in
France, Belgium, USA ...
Cities I teach in/near
Paris, Liège
I'm trained to teach
  • 5Rhythms®
  • Open Floor
Year completed training
5Rhythms 1998, Open Floor 2017
Further Professional Training
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification (J Kornfield, T Brach)
Psychosynthesis Training, Centre Source, Paris, France
Mandala of Being, Transformational Deep Work of Richard Moss
Trainer of Relaxation Therapy Practitioners
Transpersonal Therapy "Animatherapy" (based on Holotropic Breathwork)
I have been leading Sweatlodges since 1992.

2019-2021 Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification
2019-2021 Embodied Presence internship w Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig beginning November 2019
2016-2018, Libido Ongoing with Andrea Juhan in France (5 modules, 6 days each)
2014-2016, Embodied Presence with Caitriona Nic Ghiollaphadraig in Ireland.
2012-2014, Undercurrents with Andrea Juhan in Switzerland (5 modules, 6 days each).
2014 Online Foundations of Well Being with Rick Hanson
August 2013: Fluid Authority (Sausalito).
Nov 2013, 2018 4 days of intensive Voice Dialogue work.
Other Professional Expertise
  • Coach/Supervisor
  • Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • Massage/Physical Therapist
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Meditation/Spirituality Workshops
  • Workshop Production Skills

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