Ruth Hirst

DanceAlive Part of Movement & Theatre 4 Change

United Kingdom


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Movement Modality
  • 5Rhythms
  • freedomDANCE
  • Soul Motion
DanceAlive Part of Movement & Theatre 4 Change
0044 7956 102 032
Home Country
United Kingdom
Classes & Workshops
UK - Body Prayer - twice a month, unless on a month that has 5 weeks, and it's three times. 1st and 3rd and (5th Sunday's of every month) open 5Rhythms classes.
11.30am - 1.30pm
Acland Burghley School, 93 Burghley Road

UK - Cambridge - Friday waves -
Open workshops and weekends in UK and International.
Languages spoken
English, a little German & French.
Countries I teach in
United Kingdom, Serbia, Russia, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey
Cities I teach in/near
London, Cambridge, Norwich, Southampton, Manchester & Liverpool
I'm trained to teach
  • 5Rhythms®
  • freedomDANCE
  • Soul Motion
Year completed training
Further Professional Training
5Rhythms Teachers Refresh - (2014) London
Multiple weekend workshops with various teachers
I dance at other teachers classes regularly each week (3 times)

Assisting Sue Rickards with Open Flour On-going Group 3 wks/72 hours & 15 evening classes /year 90 hours + 162 hours - Yearly. Current.
Assisted Sue Rickards with Yearly On-going Group - Open Floor -
12 days - 432 hours

On-going work with Fanny Behren and Colin Harrison and Joanna Watts - Movement of Being

Non Violent Communication with Cath Burke. Was in closed going group.

Drama School - in Playback South Improvisational Theatre Company - Theatre Company. Perform in UK, Serbia and Russia.

Work with Open University - Research Department using Theatre and Movement, as a means for Change. Involved in initiating different projects.
Other Professional Expertise
  • Coach/Supervisor
  • Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • Expressive Arts Therapist
  • Women’s Workshops
  • Arts workshops: theatre, singing/music, writing, visual arts
  • Workshop Production Skills

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