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ICMTA Teachers Gathering 2017

  • 20 Jun 2017
  • 12:00
  • 23 Jun 2017
  • 13:00
  • Budapest


  • Every movement teacher and teacher-in-training who belongs to one of these schools are welcome on the Gathering: 5Rhythms®, FreedomDance, Movement Medicine, Open Floor International, Soul Motion.
  • Free registration to guest teachers
  • For members of the ICMTA at the time of registering.
  • For members of the association who are taking part in the work of at least one circle.

Registration is closed

ICMTA Teachers' Gathering 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

Being Teachers:
Self-care & Nourishment

We invite you to our vibrant and nourishing annual Gathering created by teachers, for teachers. Come and join us as we gather, to learn from and support one another in our teaching practice. Our annual event is known for creating a warm and welcoming opportunity to meet as old and new friends, and to inspire and nourish the community and the work.

We have chosen the theme: Self-Care & Nourishment for this year's event, as a response to the many voices and conversations about the challenges of keeping deeply well, at a ground level. Teaching conscious movement and dance, with the depth and integrity of our practice, both asks a lot of us and gives us back a lot. Life asks a lot of us too. This basic theme of looking after ourselves well, may be simple, but it can trip us up. In focusing our 2017 gathering around this touchstone, we hope to remember and strengthen our individual and collective self-care. Our guest teachers from across the schools that make up our membership, will be offering their particular sessions through the window of this theme.

  During the gathering there will be time for:
  • Lots of deep dancing

  • Input from specialist teachers

  • Peer supervision

  • Tea, chats, hugs and laughter

  • The ICMTA General Assembly

  • Shared lunches at the same location

  • Dinner and or spa out with the group (optional)


Practical details

All teachers and student teachers from the following schools, are eligible to attend the gathering.

  • 5Rhythms®
  • freedomDANCE
  • Movement Medicine
  • Open Floor International
  • Soul Motion®


20-23 June 2017.

Registration will open on the 20th at 12 noon. There will be light refreshments available. We will then begin together on the dance floor at 2pm.

The morning session on 23rd will bring us to a conclusion, after which there will be lunch.

EARLY BIRD DEAL: There is such a thing as a free lunch! If you register before April 2nd you will receive your lunches on 21st/22nd/23rd free of extra charge. Lunches will be delivered to the venue each day, and you will be able to choose 2 courses from the menu in the morning. There will be meat and vegetarian options. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements. 


Session leaders & session information  

Deborah Bacon Dilts

Deborah Bacon Dilts (USA – FR) was trained by Gabrielle Roth in 1998 to teach the 5Rhythms, she is currently an Open Floor International teacher in training. She is deeply enjoying expanding her tool box, inspired by the maps and distinctions offered by Open Floor Movement Practice for new avenues of embodied movement exploration. 

We are so delighted to have Deborah open our Teacher's Gathering. This is what she says about the session. 

"This opening session is dedicated to us, to welcoming ourselves with all we are bringing, and to making the transition to arrive, settle and tune in to ourselves and the collective field that will be ours for the following days. Transitions are by nature a time of shifting from one context to another. We will all be coming from our active lives, where we all hold space for others in one way or another. How do we find our ground as we transition into this time of nourishment? How do we welcome our parts and pieces in order to arrive fully and reap the richness of our time together? What helps us to connect with ourselves and with each other? Using Open Floor Movement Practice, we will explore and find our way to arriving, landing in our bodies, and creating the regenerative container of our gathering."
Martin Steixner

Martin Steixner was certified as a Soul Motion Teacher in 2014. He is also a natural health professional, Master of Public Health, Imago Facilitator, a Trager Practitioner, and a husband, father and grandfather.
He offers Soul Motion Classes in Austria and Soulrhythms Workshops, which link conscious movement and body work, both alone and in collaboration with Romana in Austria, Germany, Italy and India as they follow their dancing and teaching path.

Here is a little about Martin's session:
"Being in touch with yourself“
"As a teacher, especially when you are facilitate any kind of conscious movement practice, it is key that you embody what you teach. In this short unit we will investigate and find ways to relax into our body through inner awareness and relaxation based on small adjustments and micro movements.
Combining principles of Trager® Bodywork & Soul Motion we will explore how focusing on our body, especially when we feel under pressure, helps to be present and calm. The tools we are working with are to be applied on and off the dance floor."
Laszlo BUDA

Laszlo BUDA, MD, PhD
psychiatrist, psychotherapist

"I graduated as a medical doctor, but from my very first day working as a physician I have been interested in psychosomatics, body–mind communication and self-healing. I wrote my PhD on alternative and complementary medicine and I have led a university department called ‘Health Psychology’ for several years. 

After leaving every official educational and medical institution I started to develop my own method called ‘somatodrama’. It is a playful, creative interaction for small (5-6 pers.) groups, that can give people fresh insights and deep emotional experiences regarding the many hidden ways their mind and soul can influence their body – and vice versa. 

In recent years I wrote three books on this topic and founded a school where people can try out and then learn to use somatodrama to help their friends and clients. 

In this workshop I’d like to introduce this simple method through as many practices as possible. We will begin with the simplest ‘mind-body-talk’ and move gradually toward more complex ways of discovering our inner world by communicating with different parts of it. We will step into each other’s world, and let others in as well."
See more at

Andrew Holmes

Andrew has been teaching 5Rhythms for nearly twenty years. He studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth, and Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan, and runs workshops in many countries. For twenty years he worked as a theatre director. He teaches with precise subtlety, and an embodied intelligence, bringing great delight to the spiritual practice he loves. He lives in England with his partner Sharon.

Andrew says this about his session:
"A space for simplicity. Coming back to the body and to the breath, in the present moment, we'll see what's there, and receive ourselves. It is such a relief to be with what is... such a blessing to give up making things happen for a while... awareness, softening, and then the possibility of allowing ourselves to be held by the deep wisdom of the bigger space."
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Bettina Jespersen

Bettina Jespersen worked in the areas of education and management within the Findhorn Foundation for 14 years, where she experienced and was trained in the Zegg forum.
She is a qualified 5 Rhythms teacher, currently training to become an Open Floor teacher.
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Tim Foskett 

Tim Foskett is a group & individual psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and 5Rhythms(R) teacher based in London.  He also runs workshops about intimacy for gay/bi men.
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ZEGG Forum is a deep and intimate process for groups . The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true within us. Forum creates a space of trust and openness between people. Participants experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness them this way.
We will be using a simplified, yet powerful, adaptation of the Zegg Forum. It has been a valued feature of our annual ICMTA Teachers' Gatherings.

Alex Svoboda

Alex is the founder freedomDANCE, an international school of dance meditation and conscious movement. He is also an Open Floor and 5Rhythms teacher. 

This is what he says about his session:
"The intention for this session is two-fold. Firstly, to give us all sp
ace to reflect on our own experience of moving with pain, or if we are lucky enough not to have this experience, to learn from others. The second is to help each other define a few promising strategies, tips and suggestions we can offer to our students when we know that they face the dilemmas associated with pain and the physical nature of our practice. This is a very personal session for me as I have been experiencing some level of pain for most of my dancing tenure. When I 'came out' about it in a public Facebook post there was a huge response, with many people speaking of dancing and living with long term, chronic pain. I hope that we can begin to include this more explicitly and support ourselves, each other and our students by doing so." 

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Ben Yeger

Ben Yeger is a Group facilitator and Movement Medicine teacher and a facilitator of Joanna Macys "The Work That Reconnects"

After serving in the Israeli army (83-86), Ben trained as an actor and a Clown, going on to direct over 20 Theatre productions. In 1987 he trained as a Drama and Movement Therapist, an action learning set Facilitator, a Movement Medicine Facilitator/Teacher and a Work that Reconnects Facilitator. Ben has been guiding people through one to one and group process for over 20 years.In his capacity as a facilitator of CfPs inner process he has worked with Palestinians under occupation and Israelis who have experienced the realities of war. He has been a Peace activist within the context of Palestine/Israel since 2007. 

"When we move, when we dance, we can transform most things. The opportunity to explore our relationship to conflict through movement is a unique one and enables us to go deeply into the stories that our bodies hold.  Through the use of the myriad maps that Movement Medicine offers we can transform these stories from blocks to relationship into opportunities for change". 

See more at: http://movingconflict

Ben will be holding the closing session of our gathering, weaving his work through our theme and bringing an element of ritual to the ending of our days together.


"I’m really looking forward to our gathering in Budapest in June - there is exciting change and growth happening in the ICMTA as an outcome of our two Strategy Days for the Board and the General Circle in Paris in January.  We truly are entering a new chapter. The gatherings are such a remarkable place of meeting, moving, networking and doing practical work to support the ICMTA, each other and our teaching practices - I do hope you will come and join us!"

Tim Foskett
Operational Lead of the General Circle.

"Didn’t we all end up singing ‘One Love’ at the last one?
My experience of the ICMTA gatherings is that we spend time to connect in our dance, getting a fresh look on where we are and what’s possible when we collaborate.
It’s a way to further my learning, we’ve had topics ranging from 'Trauma on the Dancefloor', 'Dynamic Governance' and ‘Drumming'.
It’s a way of walking the talk of creating unity and crossing borders. And, from an individualistic point of view, I get to define my own practice with a fresh perspective through finding (and losing) the differences of our separate modalities, in a practical way, on the dance floor.  What a great way to spend a few days with friends, it’s deeply fun too! "  
Sarah Davies 5Rhythms Teacher and Open Floor Founder Member.

"As a teacher, I deeply value the ICMTA Teacher Gatherings. It is great to come together with new and experienced teachers, and of course, the new students just starting out. The gathering gives me a chance to meet teachers from within my own modality, and also from the different schools within our organisation. 
I love to:
meet old and new friends
learn and share together
share resources and teaching experience
dance together
practice being a community
support a growing community
have fun and enjoy rich conversation

I always walk away from these Gatherings feeling supported, inspired and grounded. I hope to meet you in Budapest!"

Sietske Venema
5Rhythms Teacher/Open Floor
"I like to believe that in the right circumstances we all would find good ways to be good humans. That given enough compassion and education our politicians and teachers and everyone would turn towards love, peace and harmony. I like to believe that. And, bloody hell, it's not always easy to do, even just for myself.  

So gathering with people who are also reaching for and supporting heartful connection is important for me.  Gathering with people who live different lives but care about diversity and unity (that's such a cliche these days, but still true).  To be with people who are interested in differences and value what we have in common.   
And one of the places I find this - because we all keep creating it - is at the ICMTA Gatherings.  I like meeting teachers from different schools with a shared love.  All of us finding different ways to make a difference in the world and coming together to dance, laugh, hug and share what's difficult and what's inspiring. To support each other and be supported.

In London I loved turning up to find Rosie Manton, my first ever teacher (1990?), and also current trainees from all the schools. To turn around and see Ellen Watson from my first training in California, and also people who have been my students and are now my colleagues.  And then to turn and wonder - who's that?  Someone I don't know, someone new to discover, to get vulnerable, real and rowdy with.  

And I value that no-one is making us do this. There's no one person to gather round.   
I used to love gathering with Gabrielle so much. (I'd have gone even if she was teaching table tennis.) And now we're gathering because we can and want to and because we're interested in what's possible. And that's important too. The muscles of love, curiosity and valuing each other, whatever school or schools we teach through.

And shall I mention the things that people bring, to create each retreat? - the very valuable skills that we can learn from each other. The Zegg Forum basic structure for speaking the truth, again and again, even when it changes, by being heard. The inspiring trust that creates. For the spreading respect of Sociocracy (Dynamic Self Governace) that we are boldly learning and using and sharing. And the different themes and teaching.  So that I leave enriched personally and professionally, too."  

Sue Rickards
5Rhythms, Open Floor

Evening Plans:


you are invited to a group dinner in a nearby restaurant -


ICMTA General Assembly 


A beautiful spa has been booked -


Corvin Dance Center

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