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Turning of the Seasons: Bodyspirit Teachings with Nele Vandezande

  • 01 Sep 2023
  • 16:00 - 17:30
  • Zoom


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Bodyspirit Teachings
with Nele Vandezande
Friday 1st September
16:00 UK time

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I will be offering a session from the Bodyspirit teachings created by myself and my husband, Kurt Pattyn. In Bodyspirit the medicine wheel is researched and applied in our human body. We name it as the anatomical layers of consciousness in the human body. Our body is made up of different layers that hold deep intelligence, which we can access if we use them with the right focus and awareness. We can use these anatomical layers as gateways and support to build our classes and deepen the process of the dancers and dance itself.

In this session we will touch on the basics, of what the possibilities are, what to look out for and how it can work with simple themes. I will also link this to the window of presence.

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Bodyspirit is the creation of Kurt Pattyn, an Osteopath D.O. who has studied the teachings of the medicine wheel over more than 35 years and Nele Vandezande,  a physical therapist, 5R teacher (waves, heartbeat), Open Floor movement teacher, TIM facilitator, breath worker, trainer and BISO movement facilitator co-trainer with Cathy Ryan.  She has been investigating and studying over the last 25 years on the dance-floor during classes, workshops and long-term ongoings how the bodies of the dancers react in the consciousness processes. By bringing the table into the dancehall, Nele offers a wide diversity of themes (physical, emotional, mind and spirit). Step by step, Nele and Kurt have researched, discovered and created the body of work, Bodyspirit and Centering that they offer in their school, Centering Academy and Souldance in Moorsele (Belgium).
Many osteopaths, bodyworkers, movement teachers, therapists follow their trainings, workshops, ongoings. Nele is teaching from that perspective in her BISO work but also in the 5R and OF she is still offering.

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