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2022 Diversity & Accessibility Scholarship Recipients

by admin, 19th December 2022

An anonymous recipient, training with the Open Floor.

All bodies are welcome on the dance floor, and some of our bodies need more support and resources to get there than others. 

This scholarship allowed me to join a training in person for the first time in a long time. In addition to relishing the opportunity to move and learn with others, I appreciated discussing with other trainees our diverse needs in accessing training. It really illuminated, among other things, the amount of planning and extra costs incurred by a disabled person. This stretches out well before the first beat and ripples far after the last fading note.

The sensations of being in person after so long accessing my practice solely through zoom felt almost overwhelming. It brought awareness of how much is lost online, and how much is gained. 

For example, I can follow the subtle impulses of my inner embodied world without distraction online. But need to be more creative and intentional because I lack the physical inspiration and co-regulation that happens intuitively in person.

It’s just different. 

Online can be a lifeline for many who would otherwise be excluded, so I’m continuing the conversation with peers about how we can make it a richer and more connecting experience for all.

I'm excited to use what I learned about how to make this meaningful work more accessible to disabled students in planning and leading my own classes. I’m inspired to contribute to the shift that is emerging in the conscious dance world towards centring inclusivity.

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