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Who Can Join the ICMTA?

Teachers who have completed a full teacher training in 5Rhythms®, BISO - Body in Soul, freedomDANCE (level 2), Open Floor, Middle Earth Medicine, Movement Medicine, Path of Azul Conscious Movement, SomaSource, or Soul Motion (trained by Vincent Martínez-Grieco or by Devon School of Soul Motion) are eligible for Full Membership of the ICMTA.

Other teacher trainings may become recognised by the Members Circle in due course.

Teachers in training enrolled on trainings recognised by the ICMTA are eligible to become Teacher-In-Training Members. Individuals are eligible for Teacher-In-Training Membership after having completed the first five days (or equivalent) of a Recognised Teacher Training.

To be admitted into the ICMTA, eligible applicants commit to:

  1. Subscribe to the ICMTA Code of Ethics and be accountable to the Grievance Procedure
  2. Be willing to work collaboratively and respectfully with other ICMTA members
  3. Pay annual ICMTA fees within 30 days of invoice or agreed payment plan
  4. Be in good professional standing within the conscious movement field
  5. Provide evidence that they have successfully completed a full teacher training with the designated school(s) (for Full Members), or provide evidence that they are currently enrolled on a teacher training (for Teacher-In-Training Members)

Full Members and Teacher-In-Training Members must meet requirements 1-5. Organisational Members must meet requirements 1-4.

In addition to the above, we recommend that Full Members complete a minimum of 30 hours' continuing professional development each year. This could include attending other teachers’ classes and workshops, coming to the ICMTA Teachers’ Gathering or online events, or any other taught course of study or personal development.

While we make every effort to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, we cannot guarantee that everything is up-to-date when you read it. Please check with us, or the ICMTA member concerned, if it is important.

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