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2022 Diversity & Accessibility Scholarship Recipients

by admin, 19th December 2022

Constance from Belgium, training with the Open Floor

I was a ballet dancer for a long time. That was before I discovered conscious movement.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with endometriosis which causes debilitating pain. I underwent surgeries and came very close to dying. I experienced a big shift which, in an instant, brought me to the realization that I was not really connected to my body, nor to my emotions, nor to my own nature...

Later on, I discovered the conscious movement field. And while I travelled for 2 years with the intention to dance my life, I discovered Open Floor in Australia. It was so powerful and truly life-changing. I let the healing come to me, move within myself. I experimented and discovered the benefit of the reconnection to my emotions, my feelings, my sexual and creative energy - in one word - to my vitality. Phew, my body can also be a source of incredible joy and not only a source of pain.

The ICMTA scholarship is helping me to make my dream come true. I’m enrolled in the Conscious Dance Teacher Training path and got the opportunity to attend the Open Floor teacher training in the lovely Findhorn community in Scotland.

This training is a personal journey, but also a journey in which I want to commit myself, especially to women's health. As a teacher, I want to offer them the same journey, opportunity, benefits and more that I have gotten and still get. I want to lead women, no matter whether they know how to dance or not. I want to offer them a safe space to embody and express their potential, to create a life more aligned with their deepest identity and to feel fully alive. I want them to bring movement back into their lives, along with fun, playfulness, craziness…

Life gains worth when it’s danced!

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