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2022 Diversity & Accessibility Scholarship Recipients

by admin, 19th December 2022

Maira from Greece, on her way to train with the 5Rhythms

This scholarship is proof that magic exists!

Thanks to it I managed to upgrade a bit faster in my studies in my beloved conscious dancing system, 5rhythms.

I already have the experience as a gestalt therapist how it is to study a therapeutic method by my own means without having any economic privilege and support.

And it is rare for a person coming from an unprivileged economic background to access this kind of study and service for humanity. This is a sad reality given the fact that we all need equal access to all methods that can deliver healing for the world we humans have created and inhabit, and that's why I am doing my best to some day finish my studies and become a 5Rhythms teacher!

I know I don't have much money so far to enter the training that starts this summer. Still, I will give it a go and hope that some magic will happen again to help me in this path!

I am very grateful to the team of the ICMTA for their trust and to the universe that brought this info about the scholarship into my Facebook timeline this summer, while I was asking for help to attend one of the prerequisite trainings this September for the official 5Rhythms training!

I hope these kinds of scholarships keep supporting people when they need it!!!

Healing is a powerful tool and we all need equal access to it!

If you have read my story here, wish me luck with my goal!

Maira Kountanni

For info about my work you can look into and

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