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Dance It All!

An international project on new teaching practices in response to the COVID crisis

by Michael Kuehn, 13th October 2021
In March 2021 ICMTA joined an ERASMUS+ funded project to collect, evaluate and publish emerging new teaching practices in response to the COVID crisis. In particular, the project will investigate practices of teaching online and outdoors. Along with six teachers from ICMTA, the project team comprises teachers from various conscious movement schools in Hungary, Italy and Macedonia. The project team will meet online and in person to gather innovative practices, evaluate them and come up with suggested best practices in the field.

And YOU can contribute! At you can share your own experiences with teaching online or outdoors.

Until February 2023 the project will publish its results as an e-book, in events and on social media. We will keep you posted!

"Working in the Erasmus group for our first weekend together was rich and fun. Every one of us had stepped up in our own way. It was wonderful to share and inspire and to be inspired!

In my own case, for example, one of the things I had always longed to do was teach dance out of doors.  In Scotland that felt “impossible”. The weather is so unpredictable, and even in the middle of summer it can be cold and wet. I had never plucked up the courage.

Lockdown gave me the courage! I am now the proud possessor of a huge stretch tent, large enough for 25 dancers even with a bit of space between them. And I LOVE teaching there. I teach groups in the beautiful woods, with a stream running by. Turns out teaching out of doors isn’t impossible after all."

Catherine Wright, one of the ICMTA participants in the Dance It All! project.

(originally published in our October 2021 newsletter)

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