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Heavy Like a Ton by Ben Arsenal & Moktar Gania (featuring Akil Apollo)

from Bernice Raabis, Soul Motion teacher from Canada

from July 2022 newsletter

It is so hard to choose JUST ONE musical pearl but I have settled on Heavy Like a Ton by Ben Arsenal & Moktar Gania.

It is a bit of a banger and who isn't looking for that next great banger?  I have been using it a lot at my Sunday dance in the park.
Why? 5 reasons:

1. There are two versions, one with lyrics and one without! Which brings me to...
2. You can buy both versions here at Bandcamp. Buying tracks on Bandcamp means most of the money you spend goes directly to the artist.
3. This song is accessible and inclusive because it is easy to dance to in both regular and half time. Those who want to sweat can dance regular time, those who need a breather can dance half time all while staying connected to each other in the dance together.
4. It is long! Both versions are 7:13 minutes which means we dance facilitators can get out there and dance with their peeps! However if the song is too long you can mix out of it easily because...
5. It has great phrasing! Which includes an ambient section and many loopable spots in the track which means it is easy to mix in and out of if you only want to use a part of the track.

I hope you enjoy my current musical pearl and look forward to listening to yours!

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