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by admin, 19th December 2022

1. Mediation Resources, with Diane Musho Hamilton

1.1 Having Challenging Conversations

1.2 Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution

Learn how to deal with conflicts more skilfully from state supreme court mediator and Zen master Diane Hamilton. Ignoring conflicts usually won't make them go away, but if you approach them consciously, you can navigate conflicts in ways that not only honours everyone involved but also makes them a source of deep insight as well. Diane will show you how to engage conflict with wisdom and compassion by:

Cultivating the mirror-like quality of attention as your base
Identifying three personal conflict styles and determine which ones you fall into
Recognizing the three fundamental perspectives in any conflict situation
Turning conflicts in families, at work, and in every kind of interpersonal situation into win-win situations
Reduce stress in your life by learning these techniques and transform the way you handle conflicts in your life.

1.3 The world of mediation

Meditation teacher and mediator Diane Hamilton joins me to discuss the Zen of conflict.

2. Mediation and mindfully getting in the middle: Brad Heckman at TEDx Teachers College

In this insightful talk, Brad Heckman discusses mindfulness in conflict mediation. Using poignant humour and his own hand-drawn illustrations, Heckman effectively communicates the necessary balance of emotions, relief and reflection that mindfulness supports in the mediation process.

Brad Heckman is the founder and CEO of the New York Peace Institute and is committed to helping people resolve conflicts by finding creative, durable, and peaceful solutions.

3. Essentials - An online mini-course with teachings and meditations with Thomas Hübl & William Ury

Learn from two masters how to blend the inner art of MEDITATION with the outer art of MEDIATION - Drawn from the rich library of Meditate & Mediate teachings, this mini-course contains seven short video modules plus three powerful meditation experiences. The tools and exercises they reveal will give you new access to creative solutions.

If you could use fresh insight on a difficult situation, the material in this mini-course can forever change the way you view conflict.

4. Conflict is a place of possibility, Dana Caspersen, TEDx Hackney Women

Our approach to conflict is not a fixed part of our character, it is learned behaviour that we can change. Dana Caspersen, conflict specialist, award-winning performer and author of "Changing the Conversation: The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution" offers two simple, transformative actions that we can choose, which can fundamentally change the conflict conversations in our lives.

Dana Caspersen is an award-winning performing artist and conflict specialist. She has been a primary collaborator of choreographer William Forsythe in the Ballet Frankfurt and the Forsythe Company for the last 27 years. Since completing a master’s degree in Conflict Studies and Mediation, Dana has worked as a conflict mediator and coach, and has developed and offered conflict workshops and choreographic public dialogue projects internationally.

Dana is the author of CHANGING THE CONVERSATION: The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution, published by Penguin Books in January 2015.

5. The Collaborative Way with Lloyd Fickett

6. The beauty of conflict with Clair Canfield

For many, conflict is considered a negative experience and an indication that something has gone wrong. When viewed from that perspective it frequently creates interactions that leave us feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. In this talk, Clair identifies some of the ways we get stuck in the trap of justification and also provides hope for a new way of approaching conflict. This different approach unlocks the possibilities of conflict and empowers us to create the change we want in the world around us, in our relationships, places of work, communities, and most of all within ourselves.

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