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It's All About Failing, Falling, Fumbling

ICMTA Teachers' Gathering 2022  - online - 19 - 22 May 2022

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

-Samuel Beckett , Worstward Ho!    

 "Falling might very well be flying without the tyranny of coordinates."

-Bayo Akomolafe


Dear teachers, facilitators, dreamers and warriors,

The ICMTA would like to welcome you with open hearts to our next gathering as we emerge from an extraordinary couple of years into the equally extraordinary unknown of whatever will happen next.

Our world has changed irrevocably and, in fact, has been changing for many years. On many counts, it looks like we have failed our planet, failed ourselves, failed each other…

What if failure were a kind of emergence? A kind of awakening? An unavoidable seeing of cracks, gaps and chasms. An honesty to own and be with the fault-lines we have been part of creating.

What if it were the greatest learning available to us? The most beautiful growth opportunity?

As teachers and facilitators of conscious movement, working with groups, individuals, nature, creativity, sound systems, zoom, playlists, finances, transference…(on and on we could go!) How many times have we ‘failed’? Made a mistake, a mis-judgement, a judgement, stood in front of a group with nothing to say, blank, bullshitting for dear life…on and on we could go…

In looking at the micro-matter of our own perceived gaffs, failures and fuck ups as teachers together,perhaps we can cultivate a sense of compassion, support, humour, learning and courage that will move towards our participants – spread like a virus! Let’s be real, vulnerable and honest – together.


Note: All sessions will be recorded and available for a limited period of time after the Gathering. (Details coming soon.)

  • 5pm BST - 18:00 CEST - 19:00 MSK - 9am PDT - 12pm EDT - 2am AEST (22nd May)

  • (end of General Assembly: 8:30pm BST - 21:30 CEST - 12:30pm PDT - 3:30pm EDT - 5:30am AEST 22nd May)

  • Sunday 22nd May

  • 8am BST - 9:00 CEST - 10:00 MSK - 0am PDT - 3am EDT - 5pm AEST

    • Closing Ceremony
  • 9:45am BST - 10:45 CEST - 11:45 MSK - 1:45am PDT - 4:45am EDT - 6:45pm AEST

  • (end of the Gathering: 11am BST - 12:00 CEST - 13:00 MSK - 3am PDT - 6am EDT - 8pm AEST)


Opening Ceremony with Jo Hardy

Thursday 5pm BST

As a global mover and a bridger of cultures, Jo has woven together a practice consisting of many conscious dance modalities. This 2 hour embodied opening will open the gates for our deep dive into failure, fumbling and falling. 

Dance of Gravity with Jup Jansonius

Friday 8am BST

The Dance Of Gravity will bring weight back in the body. What if you just let it hang? Stop keeping it up but letting everything move downwards?

How will it serve your dance, your body and your nervous system?

Failing Falling Fumbling. Who Am I In Relation to Ground? with Rivka Worth

Friday 9am BST

How do you orient to earth? What is your relationship with ground in your dance and in your life? Most of us feel at times we are fumbling our way through being human. What if you let go the need to know and allow yourself to fall, to give in to gravity? Do you trust the ground will hold you?

Fumbling with (Perceived) Musical Failure with Bernice Raabis

Friday 5pm BST & 7pm BST

Holding dance space is a big deal. We are providing containment within the intellectual, physical, emotional & spiritual landscapes, all while delivering auditory guidance using both our voice and our uniquely curated music. The number 1 skill needed to make this happen in a way which contributes to the success of our classes/events is... confidence!

Getting confident with the musical side of things is often perceived as the gnarliest obstacle a conscious dance facilitator must overcome. Join me as we examine and blow apart the myths which degrade our confidence. Whether you use iTunes, Spotify, DJ software or an 8-track player to put together your musical soundscapes, join us for this interactive workshop where we will hack this music thing together.

So What Do We Do Now with Cathy Ryan

Friday 6pm BST

Details coming soon.

Polyvagal Theory for Health and Wellbeing as a Teacher with Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig

Saturday 8am BST

Learning how our nervous system works is a great resource for any teacher. It supports us to recognise what may be going on inside ourselves at an unconscious level and how we might support our students to befriend their own nervous systems.

Holy Shit - Enfolding a 5Rhythms® Offering on the Five Realms of Intuition  with Sonja Hellmann

Saturday 9:45am BST

„We dance to survive, and the beat offers a yellow brick road to make it through the chaos that is the tempo of our times. We dance to shed skins, tear off masks, crack molds, and experience the breakdown — the shattering of borders between body, heart, and mind, between genders and generations, between nations and nomads. We are the transitional generation.
This is our dance.“

- Gabrielle Roth , quoted via

Free Falling ... Failure as a Blessing with Kerry-Ann Stanton

Sunday 8am BST

A movement meditation session exploring how in movement we fumble and fall, or in trying a ‘move’ we ‘fail’, yet discover other movements, other possibilities. As on the floor, so in life. Dancing the transient nature of failure … Balance … Unbalance … Imbalance ….
We will do an initial short warm-up, followed by an embodied exploration in dance, with a chance to write and talk afterwards. 

    PRESENTERS (in alphabetical order)

    Bernice Raabis, Soul Motion, Canada

    Bernice is on a mission to infect the world with conscious dance! She is a DJ, conscious dance facilitator, movement arts/somatic therapist, teacher and the mother of 4 daughters. Combining her Tamalpa Institute education, Soul Motion facilitation skills and somatic therapy training, she created 'Dance Church', a beloved weekly dance in Nelson, BC, Canada.

    Eventually the international conscious dance scene drew her out of her little mountain town and she began teaching abroad. In 2019 Bernice founded the Dance the Medicine Team (DTM). DTM provides entrepreneurial, facilitation and DJ trainings designed specifically for conscious dance professionals. Playing epic tracks for epic dancers all over the world while collaborating with other conscious dance enthusiasts is Bernice's happy place!


    Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig, 5Rhytms and Open Floor, Ireland

    I am a 5Rhythms and Open Floor teacher for nearly 30 years. Most of my teaching is on the island of Ireland, with the odd jump onto the European mainland.


    Cathy Ryan, 5Rhythms and Open Floor, Ireland

    Cathy has been working in embodied movement practice for many years, with a background in theatre, writing and shamanic practice. She has studied and trained with Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5 Rhythms®, working and teaching extensively in the field for over 16 years.

    She is a founding member of Open Floor International and works extensively in Europe and the UK, loving this ongoing exploration of how and what it is to be alive in these moving, humans bodies of ours…


    Jo Hardy, 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor, UK

    Jo has been a Conscious Dance facilitator since 2004. She is accredited to teach 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor. She was a faculty member of School of Movement Medicine for years and has taught in many lands with a focus on workshops in China. Currently she has a program of online and live workshops alongside a transformational coaching mentoring and supervision practice.

    Jo was also a psychotherapist, supervisor and senior trainer at The Karuna Institute on the professional psychotherapy training for many years. Her work is informed by body-based psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness, dynamic heart inquiry, awakening teachings and Joanna Macy.

    “We have known Jo for many years and recognise in her a truly beautiful blend born of her many years of dedicated practice and enquiry. She is wise, funny and a truly unique dancer with a heart of gold and the uncompromising intelligence to match. Jo has been an elder of the School of Movement Medicine since 2007. We value the particular wisdom and depth that Jo brings linking the personal, archetypal, and the collectiveShe’s a force of nature who will stay with you wherever your journey leads.” -

    Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan – Directors of The School of Movement Medicine

    Jup Jansonius, 5Rhythms, The Netherlands

    Jup is a 5Rhythms waves/heartbeat/electives teacher based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Her earthy style of teaching combined with her sense of humour, life experience and knowledge on leadership/personal development and education provides a safe space for exploring the light and dark side of being a human .
    Next to teaching 5Rhythms 3 to 5 times a week, she works as an educational advisor for companies, she is a DJ and a lazy yoga teacher.


    Kerry-Ann Stanton, Open Floor, New Zealand

    Failure can be an ugly word in my life, a fumbling, freefall, roadblock to living fully and present. Dance always helps!
    I am a fifth generation New Zealander, a dance ‘aficionado’ of long standing, dancing for personal re-creation since I was born and keen audience forever. Passionate, creative, innovative, resilient, and energetic; I am deeply committed to sharing the role of dance in transformative living. To creating safe, sacred and intentional space for movement exploration.
    I am a Registered Open Floor Dance Teacher, a Post-Graduate of the Creative & Performing Arts - Dance Studies, Auckland University and a practising Funeral Celebrant and Educator.  

    My life goal is to bring all of myself and dance into life.  As the Peanuts character is quoted as saying, “to dance is to live”.


    Rivka Worth, 5Rhythms, Australia

    Rivka is one of Australia’s leading exponents of Conscious Dance, facilitating embodiment in health, justice, education, arts and environmental settings. Her dance floors range from church halls, sandy lined shores, leafy green forests and red desert earth. Rivka’s love of dance and nature come together in her work, Eco Soma; devoted to re-building healthy relationships with nature through embodied practice. Rivka’s holds a BA Dance, Eco-Somatic Educator, Certified 5Rhythms teacher, Certified Futuring Trainer and is an author, mother, performing artist and somatic coach. She thrives on bringing humans together in ceremonial dance, where freedom, connection and transformation are individually and collectively embodied. 


    Sonja Hellmann, 5Rhythms, Germany

    Sonja is an interdisciplinary (life)artist, experienced art mediator, art therapist (dipl.) and mother of two teenage boys, living close by the river Rhine in Bonn, Germany. She has been dancing, painTing and performing the 5Rhythms since 2003 and has been teaching (Waves®) since 2018. Full of loving madness and deep sensitivity, she holds a space with clarity and experience where trust comes easily.


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