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2022 Diversity & Accessibility Scholarship Recipients

by admin, 19th December 2022

The ICMTA Membership Circle have been very actively engaged  with the Diversity Scholarship through 2022, reading and responding to applications. We have been deeply moved by what people have shared about hardship experienced through personal situations ranging from disability, through socio-economic situation, to race or gender exclusion.

We have awarded 9 scholarships in total this year. Sadly, through circumstances beyond their control, three of our recipients - one freedomDANCE student from Ukraine, and two Open Floor students from Iran and the USA - could not attend the events for which they had applied for funding.  In the hope they will be able to pursue their dreams along the conscious dance teacher training path in 2023, we have decided to make the allocated funds available to the successful applicants to use in the coming 12 months.

Here you will find articles from the six recipients who could go for their training or pre-requisite workshops, sharing what difference receiving this money has made for them.

Note: Please click on their names to read the full articles.

Constance from Belgium, training with the Open Floor

"I experimented and discovered the benefit of the reconnection to my emotions, my feelings, my sexual and creative energy - in one word - to my vitality. Phew, my body can also be a source of incredible joy and not only a source of pain."

Doris from Slovenia, training with the Open Floor

"I feel connected, the sense of belonging, the feeling of having known these people forever. I am standing in my power. Openhearted. Grateful."

Maira from Greece, on her way to train with the 5Rhythms

"Healing is a powerful tool and we all need equal access to it!"

Noémie from France, training with the Open Floor

"I am very grateful to be part of this training, and proud to belong to a group of humans acting effectively for inclusion."

Tamara from The Netherlands, training with the Open Floor

"What a joy to learn how to guide people through the journey we have taken - or even better, to support them to listen to their own bodies, and their hearts, instilling trust to follow their own life path in the process."

And one dancer that wished to stay anonymous:
"All bodies are welcome on the dance floor, and some of our bodies need more support and resources to get there than others."

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